Brazil Vs. Germany: ‘FIFA 14′ Video Game Predicts World Cup Semifinal Outcome

Germany and Brazil will clash in fifa Coins a World Cup semifinal match on Tuesday, and ESPN used a video game to predict which international soccer powerhouse will prevail.

The sports network performed a simulation of the Brazil-Germany match using EA Sports’ “FIFA 14” video game. Just as in real life, Brazil competed without star players Neymar (back injury) and Thiago Silva (suspended). But the Green and Yellow have a hometown crowd on their side.

In the “FIFA 14” video game simulation, Germany opens the scoring at the 31-minute mark, as a Miroslav Klose header bested Brazilian goalkeeper Júlio César. Germany holds that lead through the end of the first half.

A brilliant individual effort from Brazilian midfielder Oscar led the host nation to tie the score at 1-1 in the 61st minute. A late goal from Germany’s Thomas Müller gave his team a 2-1 lead from which Brazil would never recover. Thus, “FIFA World Cup Brazil” predicts that Germany will defeat Brazil and advance to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The outcome of ESPN’s simulation is similar to a prediction made by International Business Times sports reporter Jason Le Miere, who also believes that Germany will defeat Brazil by a score of 2-1. His full preview and prediction for the match can be viewed here.

Tattoo attention to detail

Modern young couple who are always trying through certain way to express love for each other, among them some of the wacky creative things. With the trend of development, the tattoo has slowly evolved into one of the most popular tattoo kit ways to express love lovers, or a pair of through exactly the same pattern, both men and women can feel each other’s feelings, and their own way to metaphor The faithful love.
Tattoo lovers should pay attention to what the problem is? Here, Xiao Bian give you a little advice:
1, tattoo lovers unfit too large, the ideal is to choose some of the more delicate and smaller size carving out the effect will be better, generally similar to the full armor, shoulder blade, and so a large semi-graphical pattern need not consideration because there are a lot of couples have to think big picture tattoo lovers will feel very grandiose, lack sweetly feeling.
2, tattoo lovers can choose some symbolic patterns. Such a pattern usually a pair of mandarin ducks can love each other, it can be with the point of retro nature totem, a common pattern generally have rings, small and exquisite, is nowadays a lot of young lovers choice. However, this should be reminded that the tattoo is no regret medicine to take, and for those who have committed sex symbol tattoo, after all, a lifetime, perhaps for the rest of your life is going to affect or emotion, therefore, decided to couple before the tattoo, both sides need to understand their own mind, not because of a momentary impulse pattern yourself regret some things. Moreover, the original intention of the tattoo lovers just a symbolic means of affection between men and women, and suggest that you also do not look too heavy.
With beautiful views of different people, tattoos have gradually become an art, a lot of my friends are like tattoos, so patients with psoriasis can tattoo it? Following on from Wuhan veteran tattoo parlors for you in detail.

The skin is the body’s first line of defense, can resist the invasion of external mechanical, physical, chemical stimulation of the injury and pathogenic microorganisms, for human health have an important role. In order not to aggravate the skin lesions of psoriasis patients, at least reduce the external skin irritation. Tattoos are used for the material containing more than about 2% of heavy metals “silver oxide” as the “activator”, under normal circumstances there is no harm to human body. But tattoos can reduce the body’s ability to withstand a variety of stimuli, particularly susceptible to bacterial infections. Psoriasis cheap tattoo kits patients have nerve damage would tattoo. Psoriasis patients in the tattoo needle prick on the skin cells, nerve cells within the skin pattern will be destroyed, or pay attention to the spread of some diseases. Psoriasis is not visible tattoos.
Psoriasis is best not to tattoo the skin of patients with psoriasis itself is quite fragile, severe allergies also. If the profile thorn disinfection sterilization is not strict or not, when the needle piercing the skin, along with bacteria and other pathogens into the body, causing various infectious diseases. This will not only delay his illness, other diseases can also be appropriate.
I believe we have to know whether patients with psoriasis can tattoo.

Brazilians love tattoo art

2014 Brazil World Cup is about to fiery opening, located in a tropical climate in this country, can be described as very popular beach culture, of course, the beach where there may be less of how body art, and it showed the Brazilian people is indeed very favorite tattoo. Piercing and other body art.

According to tattoo enthusiasts revealed that this shrine of football in Brazil, tattoo art indeed closely tattoo supply associated with football, and those who come to China to play Brazilian players, almost every person has a tattoo, or a tattoo family picture tattoo, or wisdom of Text tattoos …… soccer superstar frequent the place, it is clear that not less fanatical fans, and in order to express the support team or favorite players, fans no less crazy tattoos on the body to express , and this tattoo makers including men and women!
Brazil’s traditional body tattoo, refers down about 20-30 cm extending from the neck to the buttocks of the following tattoo styles, this part of the body considered the largest tattoo location, you can glance.

This tattoo style tattoos in general has a wealth of background, such as clouds, rocks, water, fire, waves and wind, in order to emphasize the main subject of tattoo designs, and if possible, the tattoo artist will join other elements in these tattoos background elements to illustrate the season, heighten the atmosphere, such as cherry blossom tattoo, tattoo peony, chrysanthemum and maple leaf tattoo tattoos and other designs, this phenomenon of tattoo body tattoo work in Brazil is very common.

This body tattoo Brazil, has a variety of tactics tattoos, and worth noting that, for both men and women, there are different methods where the tattoo. For example, in general, when men tattooed body tattoos, tattoo background will first tattoo kits lines out, so make the whole tattoo looks more imposing more distinctive, while tattoos for women who, in order to make the tattoo looks more feminine, generally do not just start out immediately tattoo pattern background, but will add other elements tattoo tattoo theme after their pattern, making a tattoo as a whole. However, if those who want their tattoos tattoo designs look more imposing, more strong, so women tattooists will give customers a tattoo pattern background.

Baltimore Budget Fashion

Baltimore Budget Fashion

There are two types of women when it comes to shopping for bags: those who need a bag for every outfit, and those who just need that one great go to, goes with everything bag. The place to go for both of these women in Baltimore is Handbags in the City. Located on Aliceanna Street in Harbor East, this shop has a plethora of bags to choose from.

Just like it’s owner, George Sakellaris, Handbags in the City is fun, fashionable, and smells great! There is nothing like the pleasant aroma of leather, noticeable and addicting the instant the door is open. Whether looking for just the right bag for just the right outfit, or looking for the bag that goes with everything, there is something for everyone. For the more conservative shopper, Handbags in the City offers Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and Mulberry (a known favorite of Kate Middleton). The more urban shopper may look for brands such as Kooba, Michael Kors, and MCM. Other bag brands include Longchamp and Rebecca Minkoff.

Right now is the best time to head to Handbags in the city. As the shop gears up to make room for spring, bags can be found at practically wholesale prices. In the words of Mr. Speaking of shoes, they have those, too, along with apparel, jewelry, and sunglasses. Hurry in!.

Penn dazzle Dior as fashion gets political

Penn dazzle Dior as fashion gets political

PARIS They’re a couple rarely seen in public, together only since February.

So when Academy Award winning power couple Charlize Theron and Sean Penn walked in to Dior’s Monday show, holding hands and sat prominently on the front row, it’s not only the couture gowns that dazzled guests.

France’s former First Lady Valerie Trierweiler, meanwhile, took politics to the catwalk, using couture week as a platform to raise awareness for the missing Nigerian schoolgirls in the latest example of red carpet activism.

Here are highlights of Day Two of the Paris haute couture fall winter 2014 collections, including show reports from Christian Dior, Giambattista Valli and Schiaparelli.


Theron and Penn triggered a frenzy as they arrived together the Paris’ Rodin Museum show hand in hand.

Thirty eight year old Theron a brand ambassador for Dior wore a gold shimmering fringed cocktail dress similar to the one she appears in for Dior’s now iconic “J’Adore” perfume advert.

She and 53 year old Penn, who wore a black Dior suit with open shirt, chatted with LVMH boss Bernard Arnault.

That held up the show, but that didn’t seem to help another Oscar winning guest who was running late.

“Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence ended up having to catch a repeat of the show later in the day because her flight was delayed.


“Encyclopedic” sums up Raf Simons’ latest adventure for Dior his most masterful yet.

Set in a circular ballroom catwalk, the Belgian designer ambitiously channeled some four centuries of style with a fashion forward twist he called “forward and back.”

Simons’ journey started with 18th century dresses fit for an avant garde Marie Antoinette.

Voluminous exaggerated French ball gowns in pale jacquard silk were made contemporary with trapeze structuring.

The couture novel continued in eight distinct chapters, with guests gasping in delight each time they were transported on to a different era.

There were the long line coats of Edwardian England one in dark gray cashmere that gently curved down the body stood out in its deceptive simplicity. Elsewhere, a beaded off white flapper style gown shook vibrantly as the model walked.

Then came the famed Bar Jacket of the 1949 “New Look” represented in this exhaustive 62 piece show by exaggerated collars in black, and one great flappy coat in cobalt blue wool.

But the real stars of the show were the heels.

In deep red, vermilion, pink, black, yellow, orange and cerulean blue, the incredible pointed stilettos, with missing sections in the middle, gave these “forward and back” encyclopedic princesses the illusion of the longest legs known in any age.


Former French First Lady Trierweiler broke with tradition instead of wearing Dior to the Dior show, she wore Paul and Joe.

But there was a good reason: red carpet activism.

The 49 year old journalist sported a white T shirt that read BringBackOurGirls, a reference to the missing Nigerian schoolgirls who have still not been returned after their April kidnapping. It’s the latest example of the growing phenomenon of using celebrity events for a good cause, seen prominently at May’s Cannes Film Festival.

“There are 220 missing. It’s been two and a half months since these young girls were taken,” she said.

In May, First Lady Michelle Obama made the girls an overnight cause celebre when she tweeted an image of herself holding a poster that read BringBackOurGirls, demanding help for the girls captured by extremist group Boko Haram.

“Two and a half months ago the world spoke about these young girls, including Michelle Obama. But now no one is,” she said.

“I’m using the media here to publicize this. Until they’re freed I won’t stop campaigning,” she added.